Free Spirit Hookin'

The fun has arrived! Free Spirit Hookin’ is here!

Free Spirit Hookin’ was created to help you ignite your creative spark by learning, exploring and experiencing the fun of crochet!

Let me guess…

  • You wish you were creative but don’t have a clue where to start
  • You’re looking for a new hobby
  • You want to learn something new
  • You love the look of crochet items and want to learn for yourself
  • You want that feeling of accomplishment from finishing something
  • You’ve tried to crochet but quickly became overwhelmed with all the things
  • Your Grandma taught you to crochet years ago and you’re looking for a refresher to reignite the crochet love

“I would definitely recommend Free Spirit Hookin’. It was so much fun, the videos and projects were so clear and supportive. They've been great to go back to for reference and to practice the skills. I think anyone could pick up a hook and start with Free Spirit Hookin'”

- Danielle

“Was hoping to pick up a hobby. One thing I’m most proud of is that I was able to follow along online and create beautiful crafts made by me.”

- Nancy

Does that sound like you?! If it does, let me tell you how Free Spirit Hookin’ will be helping you crochet with fun + ease in no time!

And hey, I’m Sarah - the ball of energy behind Free Spirit Hookin’! Let me take a moment to introduce myself…

I started crocheting on a whim when a friend asked if I wanted to learn with her - so if a friend sent you my way - you have a great friend ;)

I was hooked (pun very much intended!) instantly - all the ideas of what I could make were endless. Trust me you too will have Pinterest boards stuffed full of the most fun, beautiful, cozy projects to make!

I started making things for my daughter and then family and friends were reaping the benefits because I don’t NEED 37 different blankets (I mean yes, yes I do but ya know what I mean!).

The joy on their faces when they received a blanket or a wall hanging lit me up! I wanted to get more of that out into the world - who’s going to say no to more joy, amirite?! 

Free Spirit Stitches was born and now I’m amping it up with Free Spirit Hookin’ - where I teach you firsthand how to spread joy through crochet!

So if you’re ready to be embraced and experience the wonderfully creative and joyful world of crochet - you are in the right place 💜

Sign me up!

What you will learn:

  • Foundational and basic crochet stitches to have you hookin’ asap!
  • Techniques to confidently take on any project
  • Lessons learned from my own crochet journey
  • Crochet lingo so you can talk the talk while learning to walk the walk
  • How to read yarn labels
  • The low down on supplies - what you really need and what can wait (you need a lot less than you think!) 
  • How to read patterns so you can start making beautiful pieces like these...

What’s included:

  • 30+ step by step video tutorials 
  • Over 6 hours of video lessons
  • A personal shopping list to know exactly what to purchase to get started making cute and cozy things
  • Helpful hints and tips throughout the lessons - like if you find you’re crocheting too tight, you will want to size up your hook! 
  • Pep talks from yours truly to keep you pumped and motivated to keep on hookin’! It will feel like I’m right there beside you cheering you on!

  • A stitch cheat sheet for quick reference
  • Step by step, easy to read, written patterns of all projects taught
  • Endless amounts of good crafty vibes being sent your way!
  • A workbook so you can track your progress and celebrate yourself along the way

“The lessons were so easy to follow along and I liked being able to go back and repeat; to learn at my leisure.”

- Lindsey

“Love this approach to learning, whether you've done it for years or just learning it was amazing to build on skills. I would absolutely recommend Free Spirit Hookin' to anyone!”

- Marlene

What you will have at the end:

  • A self confidence high that will keep you motivated on your crochet journey!
  • A major sense of accomplishment for working through something new!
  • A new hobby that evokes joy, love and happiness!
  • A revitalized interest in crafting again!
  • Not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4, yes 4, finished pieces! What?! Yup - you read that right!

Cotton dishcloth to clean all the things

Super cute garland to spice up any party or room

Beautiful wall hanging to bring joy to any space

Fun basket to hold all the goodies

“Thank you. I never knew I could feel this good and accomplished from simply crafting. I am truly grateful for the experience.”

- Danielle

I would definitely recommend Free Spirit Hookin’! The instructions were excellent and very well planned. They were clear, concise and were followed by an appropriate project for us to complete. Anyone can do it.

- Lindsey

Yes girl! Holy yarn balls, this is what I need in my life right now!

Ok then - let’s do this!

Investment: $147! 

*additional cost for supplies - list will be provided upon course entry.

I want in!

I feel if you make learning fun, or anything really, you’re gonna want to do it and keep doing it. So with Free Spirit Hookin’ that is what you will get, lots of fun loving energy and support so that you enjoy learning something new!

Crocheting has done so many wonderful things for me that I want to share them with you. I am SOOOOO excited to help you start what I hope is a lifelong love of crochet.

Can’t wait to get you hookin’ ! 


Do I need to be a “crafty” person? Absolutely not! But I also feel that everyone is crafty - you just haven’t found your jam yet!

Do I need to know anything about crochet? Nope, nada! This is for beginners or those that haven’t picked up a hook in a long time and feel they need a refresher. 

Do I need to have supplies already? No you don’t need to have supplies currently, however supplies will be required for the course and a detailed list will be sent to you. 

Do I need to be local to you? Not at all! That’s the beauty of the internet - we can connect and learn together no matter where you are!

How much time will be required? It’s all up to you - you’re the one in charge. With this self paced course you can spend as much or as little time as you want. There are just over six hours of video tutorials. Of course, as always, you get out what you put in.

What if something happens and I can’t keep up with the modules? Don’t stress, it’s okay, life happens. This is not supposed to add stress, but help lessen it and give yourself something to look forward to. The great thing about this course is that it is self-paced and you will always have access to the course content.

Still have questions? No worries - email and I will answer them!

8 Modules


Covered in this module:

- an intro to the awesome craft of crochet

- how to hold your hook + yarn

- slip knot to get started

- creating the foundation chain

- how to count stitches

Modules for this course 8
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